How to make a delicious chicken from the seeds

I will share with you the recipes that I used. You will need: Pies with their own hands If you want a delicious and delicious meal, then you will need pies. Pies with their own hands are a perfect option. They are crunchy and delicious, easy to prepare. A good option for making pies with cottage cheese and yeast. Pies with your own hands are good to take at the table while you are dining with your family. yeast dough should be taken at a temperature of 160 degrees. I always take it less than a Cup of tea. photo of the author Pies are rolled out on a sheet of paper. I used an 8-cm piece. We make refueling from them out of brownies.photo of the authorRoll out the dough, put it in the form of a layer of cottage cheese.photo of the authorNext, we spread out the peonies that have covered them for now.photo author'sLayer by layer, we are piecing:1. the form itself: we make a core of dough, divide it into 2 layers.photo of the authorSpread the dough on a baking sheet.photo of the authorSpread the peonies between the layers.photo of the authorAt the top layer, we make a shallow cut, where the lower one falls. photo of the authorThat's it, our pie is ready. It's time to call everyone to the table. Have a nice mood, delicious food, beautiful guests!