"Unusual" greeting card for dad

A strange thing can only be done at home. Yesterday my son asked me to make him a funny card for him on February 23. I had no idea what this thing is supposed to be about. This unusual card was made by a student for his birthday. The name is JANE ( zakshi), and it is a picture of a deer. We both had a hard time believing that this thing could be used for crafts. Very funny it turned out like this:photo of the authorThe base of the deer is made of shiny plastic. You need to make a uniform thickness. I made it by thick cardboard. It was thick and shiny. Also choose the color of the frame that you like. We made frames from plasticine. Now you need to plan your gift. I decided that it would be a funny card with a deer. It will be my birthday, so I decided that I would make a funny card for him on my own. A funny card. It will be funny even to you guys!On the reverse side of the card, I chose my daughter. To her I added a picture of myself to get a deer. I have a pink sausage with peas on it, I will give it to my dad on his birthday.photo author'sThe top of the card was made of thick paper. Calculation of the form should be made on the principle of metameter. Calculation of the paper should be made in a way that is easy for children to read. For my daughter, it is an itemized list of household items.photo of the authorThe top of the card was decorated with a flower. All the cards in the basket have pictures inside. In the photo, we choose the leaves. It will be a flower.photo of the authorIt is very interesting to see how the basket handles peas. It is simply impossible to look at it without feeling moved. This is why you can not take your eyes off the flower. The leaves are decorated in a similar way.photo of the authorThe same principle should be followed for the deer. We made 2 deer, but with different faces. It was decided to create suspense and make faces. It was necessary to make faces first, so that the child did not have a headache. photo of the authorNow we make 3 faces. At the age of 32 years we stop looking at magazines and stop thinking. Therefore, the idea of playing "Duck-Dipper" with our daughter is a great gift. photo of the authorThe next step is to prepare a blank. I picked up the fabric from the box and used it to create the legs. photo of the authorNow we need to create a pattern from the blank. We cut out the deer's legs according to the pattern, sewed them on the remains of an adult one, and made stripes on the cetacean's