"Unusual" greeting card for dad

A strange thing can only be done at home. Yesterday my son asked me to make him a funny card for him on February 23. I had no idea what this thing is supposed to be about. This unusual card was made by a student for his birthday. Th...


How to make a delicious chicken from the seeds

I will share with you the recipes that I used. You will need: Pies with their own hands If you want a delicious and delicious meal, then you will need pies. Pies with their own hands are a perfect option. They are c...


Cat-rattle toy

A good option for those who do not like loud rattles. I myself am not fond of rattles, so I decided to make a toy that would not annoy the baby. I made it out of thick cardboard, but it can be glued, so. A box can be made out of car...