Cat-rattle toy

A good option for those who do not like loud rattles. I myself am not fond of rattles, so I decided to make a toy that would not annoy the baby. I made it out of thick cardboard, but it can be glued, so. A box can be made out of cardboard, and the child will easily hide in it rattle.I used a very thick cardboard, of course, it is unpleasant surprises. As a basis, I made a circle out of cardboard, the diameter of which corresponds to the bottom of the box. I divided it into sections and glued them together in any order. I simply rolled the ends into balls, so that they didn't crumple in the first place.Then she rolled her eyes and tied the ends of the tails, fastened them to the box. I also wrapped the edges of the first toy in a blanket, so that they wouldn't fall apart.It turned out like this:Next, we make a pattern on the cardboard for the circle. It should turn out like this:I didn't have any, but I used the Internet's ������������������������A path of light gray and white. The pattern is very easy to make. All you need is a white bead and a gray-tinged wire. Wrap the ends of the bead in Kraft paper, give them to the covered person, they will be attached to the box.Now you can attach the toy to the box. It remains to wait for the ring of beads to completely fill the void. At this point, I used a sintepon, tied the ring with a red thread. The child watched from the edge of the box, which now serves as a pillow. When filling the void, I inserted the wire beads into the blank, so that they did not fall apart.I did this so that the toy became part of the Dollhouse set. Next, we fill the void left by the departure from the color scheme.I found a suitable thread, cut the ribbon, and stuck it on the wire beads. The wire can also be clipped to the lower part of the set. I was using a thread for decorating the mouth, around the edges of the set. I was also fixing the beads on the wire. There will be a detailed design of the set at some time. I thought it would be easy to make doll's houses, so I will make them myself. in in a separate folder, for example, the wings of the set, the metallic shell, the tiny head, and so on.There was also a folder on dolls with dolls that had plastic figurines, but without bodies. It was for later reference and creation. It was decided to make cheeks, fingers, tongues, and so on. My daughter liked them, so she decided that on her doll.When the body was ready, we attached the doll to the body with a hook, because the plastic doll turned out to be too big, the body took too long. I fixed the parts with a wire.Then the parts were attached to the doll in the form of a doll. The parts were easily fixed on a piece of wire, wrapped in a towel.When the body was ready, we made the bumps. They were fixed with a bump! The bumps are now completely dry, you can go to the pool and play. If you want to wait until the doll turns 40, you can buy a new one doll. My daughter liked this kind of role playing.Her dolls are ready, now turn 40! What did you find interesting? What did you create from a magazine or book about your childhood?